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Being silly implies being stupid and behaving likewise. You can appear silly and stupid by the way you talk, carry yourself. All of us behave like silly people at times. Silly does not necessarily mean being stupid, insane or foolish. Innocent and childlike behavior can also be termed as being silly and stupid. No one can tolerate silly and stupid people in their vicinity. There are typical examples of people who behave silly and stupid deliberately in order to pester and irritate people. As a consequence, people categorize them as irksome, stupid and silly. Consequently, their company is avoided and nobody likes to have such irritating and troublesome people around them. In the words of John Mayer, “I like giving people something they don't want to miss the next time. It's a show with little twists and turns and curves. It has me being silly and stupid and compassionate and completely deep.”


Mitch Cuento

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