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The world spins on benevolence. This is the most needed character of the hour in this world of terrorism, violence and hatred. Benevolence takes you to the next stage of life and nearer to god because god is the personification of kindness or benevolence. If you develop this trait, it will reflect on your face to give a charming and a peaceful look. “If the mind is benevolent, the face assumes the pattern of benevolence” said jimmy Sangster. All the religions preached so far stress the importance of benevolence and show that it is the only path to peace and tranquility. Benevolence has the tendency to double if given to others and does not decrease. It is almost instantly repaid to whom you show and thus grows in proportion. Though there is no stress to respond, it is highly satisfying to show benevolence. So, spread the fervor of benevolence to achieve a peaceful and bonded society.


Martin Luther King Jr

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