Black People Quotes & Sayings

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Black people are called Negroes. Black people have suffered a lot of discrimination down the ages when they have been subjugated by the fairer class of people or the so-called whites. Racial discrimination existed in several parts across the world. People from Africa are mostly dark-complexioned but were subjugated by the whites when they went to countries in other continents of the world. Apartheid was the policy that was pioneered by the South African President Nelson Mandela who worked actively for the progress of the Negroes or the tribe of black people. Mandela stressed on the fact that color should not serve as a distinguishing factor between people and black people have the same rights to live life and enjoy freedom of speech and expression. In the words of H. Rap Brown, “black people all across this country are uniting. They must unite, and they must organize themselves.”


Lauryn Hill

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