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Blackmail is a kind of crime which involves giving threats to some other person maybe a friend, family member etc. so as to bring to light some of their secrets and any true or false information associated with them. People blackmail others for monetary gains and in the process; they charge money from the person whom they blackmail so as to keep all their secret information under the wraps. To avoid being blackmailed by the likes of any blackmailers, always keep yourself in the clear and make sure you never get into a mess or situation that someone else may blackmail you for. Blackmailers claim to spill the beans regarding some major fiasco that a person might have got involved in at some stage in his life. According to Ernst Thalmann, “Every conceivable cruel method of blackmail was used against me to obtain by force and at all costs confessions and statements both about comrades who had been arrested, and about political activities.”

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Viktor Ilyukhin

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