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Bowling is playing a game of tenpins or duckpins. It also refers to the act of throwing or delivering a ball to a batsman in a game of cricket, baseball, or softball. Bowling and bowling actions differ in all these games. Bowling requires skill and finesse. Specially, in a game of cricket, bowling well requires the bowler to have great fitness levels. In baseball and softball, the term "pitching" is used to describe the bowling action. In these two games, bowling does not require extra run up. In softball, bowling is done with an under-arm action. Bowling also refers to the game in which a ball is rolled over an object or a group of objects to knock them down. People practice the sport professionally and indulge in bowling for reducing stress or for the sake of enjoyment. Bowling is a great leisure activity and people indulge in it during outings. Knocking down the ten pins in one shot requires great hand and eye co-ordination.

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