Breast Cancer Support Quotes & Sayings

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Breast Cancer is one of the most common malignancies in women in the US. The rate of cure of the disease is higher in the Western Countries and in developed nations. On the contrary, in developing countries, many deaths occur every year due to breast cancer. Hence, we have societies and cultures that stand up in support to create awareness about the disease and treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer support is marked by the pink ribbon culture and patients who suffer bravely and maintain their optimism get a passport to this culture. This culture emphasizes that women suffering from breast cancer live normal lives and maintain their feminism and not create much outcry about their sufferings, rather embrace them. Breast cancer support believes in reducing anger and negativity in breast cancer patients and filling them with positivity. Breast cancer support makes patient feel that the treatment is a rite to passage that will guarantee them a normal life.



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