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Any male having the same parents as a female is said to be the brother of the female. Vice-versa, the female is said to be the sister of the male. Brothers and sisters are hence bonded by some kind of family ties and are associated because of certain circumstances of birth. Anything which reminds a person about his or her brother is said to have the “brotherly” flavor or touch. Brotherly affection, pampering and protection is unmatched and heavenly. Brotherly affection is something that you badly vow for. Having a brother means a lot to every sister or brother on this planet. Anyhow, blood is thicker than water. The family ties are more serious than the ties of this world. The kind of understanding and rapport that one has with one’s family members such as a mother, brother or sister is much above the understanding between friends. In the words of Graham Greene, “In Switzerland they had brotherly love; five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock!”


Isaac Buabeng

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