Catastrophe Quotes & Sayings

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Catastrophe can be of two types, either natural disaster that leads to a lot of loss of human life or man made disaster, due to lack of knowledge. Catastrophes should be avoided at any cost, to the maximum extent possible, and we should also learn lessons from catastrophe. But the consoling factor is that catastrophe occurs now and then but it cannot completely wipe out the humanity or the hope of survival. As George Sand said, “one approaches the journey’s end but the end is a goal and not a catastrophe “. We have learned to live with catastrophe and to even get over it. For instance, economic recession is also a kind of economic catastrophe but hopefully, we have crossed the bridge. So, let us get wiser and prevent catastrophe that can be prevented and learn to live even after catastrophe has occurred. Here are quotes on catastrophe that gives us more knowledge about it and ways and means of overcoming the catastrophe.


Anil Sinha

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