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Charisma is a gift of god and if utilized in the proper way, can be beneficial for others too like, there are certain leaders who have led the whole country with a great mass appeal only because of charisma. Charisma is, in fact, essential to be a great leader. But charisma is not external. It is the exuberance of confidence. Ricky Gervais says, “You can get away with bad material if you have got charisma “. But it is not possible to get along with charisma alone as your self defense because when others think that your charisma has drained out, only the real substance will remain. And if the substance is not solid enough to convince others, it becomes a dangerous situation. True, there are always a group of people who run after charisma but if it is coupled with pure ingenuity, the value will be more. Share these quotes on charisma with others.


Malika E Nura

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