Cheesy Break Up Quotes & Sayings

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Cheesy break-up happens when a couple decides to part ways from each other and call it quits. Break-up is called for when the relationship becomes dysfunctional and the two people can decide to part ways mutually. Not all relationships go the distance. Two people can be very different and compatibility issues can certainly create problems. Cheesy break-up happens when the couple ends their relationship on a cheesy and somewhat witty note. Several cheesy break-up lines can be said to the other person to end the relationship. For example, the guy asks the girl about her favorite subject to which she does not give a reply and the guy retorts that his favorite subject is history and so are they…..A history now. At times, cheesy break-up happens when a third person gets involved between the couple. The person accuses the girl of infidelity or vice-versa and they end up having a cheesy break-up.

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