Conservative Quotes & Sayings

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A conservative is a person who opposes change and is extremely fond of old beliefs, rituals and traditions. That is why a conservative adheres to old conventions. Change is something that is always welcome. Change is the law of nature. But conservative people are strictly against change or novel ideas. Conservative people are not entertained because their presence only hinders progress of the society. Any society can progress only if it is free from conservative people and has active people who are fond of change and lead the society from the front. Leo Rosten has mocked conservative people and their ideas by passing the remark that, “A conservative is one who admires radical centuries after they are even dead. Conservative people are not entertained because their ideas are obsolete and anachronistic which do not fall in line with the modern trends. They advocate old ideas and beliefs which are unwelcomed in today’s modern society.


Tasneem Hameed

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