Contempt Quotes & Sayings

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To treat someone with contempt means to consider that person good-for-nothing. A person, who is despicable, is looked at with contempt and has no respect in the society. Bete Noire is a person or thing, particularly disliked by many. Such member of a society lacks the respect of his fellow members who consider him worthless. Contemptuous people are those who show contempt or dislike towards someone. In the words of Will Durst, who has made a remark using contempt, “Comedy is defiance. It is a sort of contempt in the face of fear and anxiety; and it’s the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the inhale.” Contempt if allowed to grow can turn into a very deadly and fatal feeling. Such a feeling of contempt can arouse extremely ill feelings of enmity and quarrel. To save yourself from suffering contempt from others, do well and act with grace. Be a noble person with noble intentions.



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