Curiosity Quotes & Sayings

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Curiosity is the desire or willingness to know about the intricacies or details of any situation or object. It is something that every human being exhibits for anything that he finds interesting. Curiosity is natural to all men and women primarily because worthwhile, novel and seemingly interesting objects have a powerful influence on our psyche and affections. We feel like knowing everything about such objects. Curiosity also lies in the wait behind knowing any secret. Curiosity makes one inquisitive generally, one begins asking and posing many questions when one gets curious to know about anything or any situation in particular. In the words of Samuel Johnson, “Curiosity is one of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.” An active and alert mind is always curious to know about new things in his vicinity. But, one should not get too curious about someone’s private affairs and interfere with the private life of others.



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