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Custom is the beliefs, traditions and conventions upheld by any nation, people or any ethnic group. Customs vary from place to place. Customs which are old and hinder progress of the entire human race should be uprooted from the society and nipped in the bud. Customs like sati, child marriage, infanticide were practised in Asian countries like India, in the previous centuries. But, they are no more practised. Customs make us reconcile to everything. Customs and rituals are used to solemnise weddings. Customs originating in any area are followed strictly by the people of that area. According to Walter Lipmann, “The ages where the custom is unsettled, are the ages of prophecy.” In every era or age, customs originate and they become the traditions or defining conventions of that age. Conformists are those people who stick to old conventions, traditions and customs. Conformists oppose any change in practises and stick to old ideas.



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