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“Daddy’s girl” is a term used to describe the close bond between a daughter and father. Daughters always consider themselves as “daddy’s little girl” even after they have grown up because of the special equation that they have with their fathers. Daughters are very fond of their fathers and they consider them as their first teacher. The emotional and psychological bond between a daughter and a father is unique and special. No matter how elderly and mature the daughter becomes, she always reaches out to her father when she faces a delirium. Daddy’s girl is more specifically used as “Daddy’s little girl.” Electra complex is a condition when the daughter has extreme affection for her father/ Moreover, it seems to be a fine contradiction to the term “Mamma’s boy” who are sons that are quite attached to their mothers. Like Electra complex, a son having great affinity and affection towards his mother is perhaps suffering from Oedipus complex.

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