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A debate is a formal discussion in which people present opposing or conflicting arguments. The conflicting parties come up with two sides of the same coin, i.e. for and against. A debate is nothing but a verbal battle of sorts, between two or more people. Debates help to bring to light, several aspects of any issue or topic that is being discussed. People participating in any debates, are generally blessed with the gift of the gab and can express their view points well. Debating minds are great intellectual minds, who can speak with great charisma and fluency, once given a platform. Debate events are organised in schools and colleges, as a part of the extra-curricular activities. They aim at sharpening the intellect and verbal skills of students. In the context of the word “debates”, one is reminded of the words of Gerhard Schroder, “All debate among politicians about monetary policy is counter-productive.”



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