Discontent Quotes & Sayings

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A person is said to be discontent when he or she is unhappy or dissatisfied. Discontentment is the feeling of happiness or dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction occurs when a person is not satisfied with all that he has. He wants more out of life and aims of something better. Such dissatisfaction is considered as the prelude to progress. It makes a person to always strive for the better and move from strength to strength. In the words of Thomas Alva Edison, “Discontent is the first necessity to progress.” Another kind of dissatisfaction is considered fatal. Even after making lots of money, people are not satisfied and long for more. Excess of such feeling may lead to one's downfall. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Content makes poor men rich and discontent makes rich men poor.” Discontent people can never be satisfied or happy, even if they are blesses with good health, wealth and property.



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