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Ecology is the study of how animals and plants relate to their surroundings and one another. Every member of the eco-system is related to one another. One of the major linking factors, which link all plants and animals in the eco-system is the food chain. Plants are consumed by animals such as herbivores, which feed on grass. Herbivores are consumed by meat-eating animals called carnivores. Scavengers, generally form the upper strata of the food chain. In the words of Barry Commoner, “The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else.” Ecology is studied by ecologists who gain full idea about the ecology and eco-system. They come to know how everything in this eco-system is interconnected. Preserve ecology and save the eco-system from heading towards degradation. In the words of Garrett Hardin, “Continuity is the heart of conservatism and ecology serves the heart.”


Rachel Carson

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