Envy Quotes & Sayings

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Envy is an undesirable quality and can be defined as the desire to get something possessed by others. This can be for a fortune, quality or their position and so on. The greatest pity is that envy tends to destroy the own self because it is only lack of appreciation and confidence that ultimately leads to envy. If you have the required self confidence in your abilities, you will not feel envious on others. Envy leads to self destruction and takes away all the happiness in life. According to Frank Tiger, “you cannot be envious and happy at the same time”. Though the aim of envy is others it wounds the person who aims it. When a person is gripped with envy, even small flaws seem to take large proportions and get exaggerated. Very few people realize that when you envy others, you actually praise them which will not at all help you in enhancing your position. So, stop envying others and don not fall a prey to this dreaded quality.



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