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Family is a group of people related by blood or marriage. A group of parents and their children forms a family. Family is the most important unit of the society. In the words of Robin Skynner, “In each family, some emotions are regarded as good and some are regarded as bad. The bad ones get put behind the screen and the entire family has a kind of unspoken but very powerful agreement that the feelings behind the screen must not be noticed.” Family can also be a group of things that are alike in some way or the other. A group of related plants or animals forms a family. We have the plant kingdom and animal kingdom, which are families of related plants and animals. In the words of Edmund Leach, “Far from being the basis of the good society, the family, with its narrow and tawdry secrets, is the source of all our discontents.” Some people comply with this view. These days, the concept of family planning is encouraged that emphasizes the need of controlling the number of children in a family, with the aid of contraceptives.


Tamerlan A Kuzgov

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