Fanaticism Quotes & Sayings

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A fanatic is a person who is extremely passionate about a hobby, pastime or a person. When fanaticism exceeds its limits, it eventually leads to terrorism, violence and destruction. Fanaticism sees no logic, no truth or justice in the path they tread. It is the narrow path that they take, in order to get to their blind folded ideal or goal. If we look back at the happenings that occurred due to fanaticism, we find that it has caused more harm than vice. Being moderate causes no harm but fanaticism only widens the gap between fellow humans and ultimately leads to a large lacuna. Fanaticism is at its peak when it involves religion because it is a sentimental thing and is easily taken in by the majority without giving forethought to it. So, being a fanatic is of no use to the concerned person, society or the country as a whole. The following quotes on fanaticism gives a clear picture of the evils involved in it.


Jean Paul Malfatti

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