Foreign Relations Quotes & Sayings

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Foreign relations mean relations with other countries. The word foreign had its origin in the middle of the 13th century from the French word foreyne, which means external or outdoor. Each country designs its own foreign policy to build healthy relations with other countries, keeping its own interests in mind. George Voinovich had once remarked, “I want to make it clear publicly that I expect more candour from this Administration during the next four years, particularly with members on the Foreign Relations Committee so that we can maintain a bipartisan foreign policy.” Foreign relations can be based on some or the other pretext. They may be oriented, based on commitment towards achievement of a common goal. Foreign relations may be dynamic based on a certain degree of independence. Foreign relations can be based on addressing some common environmental issues requiring our attention. Foreign relations help in uniting different countries across the globe for a common cause.


Hans J Morgenthau

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