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Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd, worldwide. Groundhog is a reddish brown North American marmot. Groundhog Day is used to describe a situation in which a series of events repeat themselves in a cyclical fashion. On a cloudy day as per the folklore, people stay awake at early mornings to watch the behavior of the Groundhog. If the Groundhog comes out of the burrow then the spring will come soon. Otherwise if the Groundhog sees its shadow and retreats back to the burrow, then winter will stay for some six more weeks. In certain states, Groundhog Day is celebrated with early morning festivals to see Groundhogs coming out of their burrows. In certain states like Pennsylvania, the Groundhog Day is celebrated with a lot of cheer and enthusiasm. Groundhog Day is related to weather prediction and is an amazing day to be celebrated by getting one with nature.

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