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Historians are authors who write the historical events. If there were no historians, we will never get a chance to know about the past. It needs a specialized skill to narrate the past happenings in a very interesting way “historians tell the story of the past, novelists the story of the present ‘said Edmond de Goncourt. We have had great epics in many languages including those in Greek, Rome, Sanskrit etc that have helped us to have a glimpse of the past and cherish those moments in imagination. Historians also help us to know the rich culture, trade and the way of life that prevailed in those days and make us proud of our ancestors.’ Nations without a past are contradictions in terms “said Eric hobsbawm. They do not have the right to alter the past but just give an account of what happened. Thus, it is a mere statement put in a very interesting way to read. Given below are quotes on historians given by various thinkers and leaders.

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Friedrich Von Schiller

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