Holiday Love Quotes & Sayings

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The holiday season is all about revelry, adrenalin, passion, parties and much more. We meet both familiar and new faces at various celebratory congregations. Quite often, the brief meeting with someone turns out to be to our liking. The admiration soon turns into appeal, the passion starts to heat up and the liking turns into love. Thus, Holiday Love becomes an epidemic. Holiday Love seldom materializes into a long term commitment. It is not always feasible to give time to such infatuation, which slowly dies down and gets buried in our memories. However, there are people around who believe that 'Holiday Love' is true and pure, more often than not. Holiday love can also be referred to as the precious time that people spend with their beloved during the holiday season, free from all sorts of hassles. Alas! Love is in the air, more so during the Holiday season.


Stephen John Lister

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