Homosexuality Quotes & Sayings

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Homosexuality is sexual attraction or sexual relation with someone of the same sex. Of late, homosexuality is gaining great importance though it is as old as history itself. We see that bible condemned homosexuality which it means it existed even in those days. “Homosexuality is against nature, if it was approved god would not have created Adam and Eve, instead he would have created Adam and Bruce “said, Anita Bryant and rightly so. Homosexuality is an excuse for those who want to just vent out their feelings of lust. Nothing can be done against nature and if it were to be destined to be the normal way, it has to be. Legally, gays and lesbians can be offered equal rights, if they enjoy being so. But that does not mean that what they do is right. It is their opinion and right to be so and the world still holds a section of people who think that homosexuality is against the nature. Leave alone god. God is apart from all these controversies which are absolutely man made.



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