Hospitality Quotes & Sayings

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Hospitality is the friendly and warm welcome given to guest or strangers. Hospitality is the mainstay of a home or nation. The guests are like flowers. A flower tends to wither as soon as we smell them. But guests, at the very instance of not welcomed properly, become morose and humiliated. So, it is the best gesture to make the guests feel at home through hospitality and it is the duty of everyone to do so. Hospitality is an art in itself. “Who practices hospitality entertains god himself” goes the proverb. We exude the message of goodwill through hospitality and interestingly, it is contagious and will be reciprocated. When such a thing is developed, there is no place for hatred, ill feeling and jealously towards each other. There are stories of robbers who changed their minds due to the hospitality shown by the people where they came to rob off. Hence hospitality has the capability to melt the hearts of even the toughest. Let us spread this message.



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