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"Hung-over" is a series of crappy sensations that one feels all the day long after excessive consumption of alcohol or liquor, the preceding night. Generally, when one consumes alcohol in excess sometimes, the other day one might feel a strong headache, vomiting, nausea, spinning world etc. and related things, which are the repercussions of excessive drinking. When you are hung-over, you might even feel too lazy to get up and leave your bed. Hung-over may cause extreme dizziness and inactivity. Hence, it is often advised to escape liquor within your capacity and avoid excess consumption of alcohol. Excess of anything is bad. The best way to act when you are hung-over is to sleep it out and wake up fresh the following day. Begin the new day afresh and in your complete senses. To escape getting hung-over, drink within your limits and stop consuming alcohol when you start to get signals from your system.

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