Indecision Quotes & Sayings

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Indecision refers to a state when a human being is so baffled that he or she cannot be decisive in their actions. The state of being confused or irresolute and the inability to make a decision makes one indecisive. When you are not clear in your thoughts, your thoughts always waver and fluctuate. You cannot settle down on one thing. In the words of Maria Monk, “All around me insisted that my doubts proved only my own ignorance and sinfulness; that they knew by experience they would soon give place to true knowledge, and an advance in religion; and I felt something like indecision.” Indecision, delays and procrastination are the parents of failure and give birth to it. Indecisive people are such bad victims of indecision that they can’t even decide what to order in a restaurant. In the words of William James, “There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.”



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