Independence Day Wishes Quotes & Sayings

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Independence Day wishes signify patriotism and love for our motherland. With technologies like internet and cell phones being at our beck and call, Independence Day wishes have gained much cultural and social prominence. We wish each other on Independence Day through various means such as cards, messages etc. There are many Independence Day wishes that are used to greet others on this occasion. 'Happy Independence Day' is perhaps the most popular and the most widely used one amongst them. Independence Day wishes often strike a patriotic chord in our heart and we tend to get overwhelmed with the love for our nation. Independence Day wishes are mostly specific in nature for greeting purposes. However, many generic Independence Day wishes are also prominently broadcasted in our social circles, much like providing our peers with food for thought on an issue of national interest. These Independence Day wishes are articulated in a manner such that it appeals and awakens the masses.



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