Middle Class Quotes & Sayings

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Middle class form the majority of the society in any country. They form the bulk of population, they form the electorate in a democratic country and they finalize the opinion in other forms of government. “Upper classes are a nation’s past, the middle class is its future “said Ayn Rand. So, a good leader will always like to stick to the ideals, visions, progress and demands of middle class people. Upper class people get what they wish for, lower class people do not wish for what they cannot get and it is only the middle class that swings in between trying to make both ends meet. Hence, there is no other alternative but to go with the masses rather than with the classes. But middle class is ever safe, sandwiched between the other two classes, and contended with looking after their day to day life. Here are quotes on middle class people given by famous leaders. Read them; they are interesting.


HL Mencken

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