Mischief Quotes & Sayings

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Mischief is reckless and malicious behavior which can cause annoyance and become discomforting to people. Mischief is the quality of being harmful or causing evil. People who do mischief are called mischievous. Generally, all kids who are growing up become naughty and mischievous and must be handled with care. It is healthy to get mischievous with your beloved or with someone who can tolerate your mischief. Mischief under tolerable limits is tolerable but it should not be used to cause harm to someone or destroy their peace of mind. Little mischief is innocuous at times and generally people can take it sportingly. But when it goes beyond tolerable limits, mischief can be badly annoying and irritating. It might also force the person to vent out his anger on the person whom on whom you have played your pranks or the person who was the victim of your mischief. Avoid being mischievous to the extent that you end up disrupting someone's calm.


William Shakespeare

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