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All of us get misunderstood by others at times, when we are not able to clearly convey our feelings and express our opinions. People also get misunderstood when the listening party/person are not willing to accept any explanation or clarification. You feel misunderstood when others fail to offer sympathetic understanding to your thoughts, ideas and emotions or are simply not willing to listen to your clarification. When people misunderstand you, you are likely to feel annoyed and disgusted. But you should hold yourself and maintain your dignity in case of any misunderstanding or dispute with someone. In spite of your repeated efforts if the other person is not willing to understand you, you should take your stand if you feel what you said or did was correct. In case you feel you committed some error or blunder, apologize for it. But if matters can't be sorted out even after apologizing, it is better to let go and forget about the misunderstanding that occurred.


Terry Mark

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