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Moderation is showing restraint and three are two sects of people who believe and follow moderation and those who do not. Whatever you do, do it in moderation is the general view. But Oscar Wilde refutes this. He says, ‘moderation is a fatal thing, nothing succeeds like excess”. There is a thin line of demarcation between context where moderation is necessary or not. “Moderation in temper is always a virtue but moderation in principle is always a vice” is the quote by Thomas Paine. If you have the courage and strength of mind to face the consequences of being excess, you can throw moderation to the winds but if you are an ordinary person, wishing for an unexciting life, moderation is your guide. But moderation helps you to avoid grave mistakes and repent for them at a later stage. And this is the secret of success in life. Moderation is commonly firm, firmness is commonly successful.


Joseph Addison

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