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The mortality rate varies from one country to another and we all have to face death one day. “Death is that tomorrow for which all our lives are spent waiting” is a famous proverb. “The greatest wonder in this world is that seeing others around us dying one day or other, we think that we are going to live for ever” was the answer given by Dharma raja Yudhisthira to the lord of death, according to Hindu mythology. This is true even today. ‘Men are sad they have to die so soon, women are sad because they were born so long ago” said Henry Mencken. But mortality is unique and universal; it does not show any difference between the rich and the poor or the young and the old. All are equal before mortality. When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box. So, mortality is inescapable and let us prepare ourselves to face it with a smile. Meanwhile, try to make this life more meaningful and enjoyable.



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