Mother Proverbs Quotes & Sayings

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The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Mothers play a pivotal role in our lives and are our most supporting guarding angels. It is hard to imagine life without them and their love. There are several mother proverbs and maxims which reflect the importance of a mother in our lives. It is often said that God could not be everywhere; that is why he made mothers. Mother is the named on the lips and in the hearts of children. The greater love is a mother's, and then comes a dog's and then a sweetheart's. Heaven is found under the feet of the mother. One of the beautiful proverbs on mother are as follows:
 "We have a beautiful mother
 Her green lap immense
 Her brown embrace eternal
 Her blue body everything we know." You can find many mother proverbs online. Choose and pick any proverb and dedicate the same to your mother.


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