New Years Christian Quotes & Sayings

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New Year's Christian is celebrated on 1st of January, annually. Christian New Year falls on the same day as the Gregorian New Year. Gregorian calendar is the modified form of Julian calendar. New Year's Christian ushers in a spirit of festivity and calls for celebration. It is celebrated by Christians with great fervor and enthusiasm. New Year brings with it a host of new opportunities and Christians indulge in New Year celebrations and try to make it a grand affair. Christians organize parties and celebrate New Year's Eve with their near and dear ones. Christians party hard, dance it out and welcome each New Year with open arms. At the stroke of 12 at midnight, a cacophony is followed by Christians hugging each other and wishing each other a happy and prosperous New Year. Christians don't postpone going to the church on New Year's Day, even after partying hard all night.


Debbie Carroccio

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