New Years Day Quotes & Sayings

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New Year's Day is 1st of January as per Gregorian calendar. New Year's Day is welcomed with open arms worldwide, after a night of revelry and celebration. As the clock strikes twelve, people make a lot of noise, hug and kiss their beloved and wish them a great start to the New Year. People start wishing their friends and relatives a very happy and prolific New Year by sending them New Year messages once it is 12 am on 1st of January. A New Year promises a lot of new things and one should welcome it with great celebrations. People make New Year celebration a grand affair and make New Year resolutions on New Year's Day. Some people make it a point to begin the New Year on a high note and indulge in some sort of revelry or merry-making. The belief among people is that if the first day of the New Year is lived well, the rest of the year will also go great.


Innah Delos Angeles

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