Novelty Quotes & Sayings

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Novelty is something new or exciting that give us a sense of excitement. Even for a child something new is sure to fascinate. We are all bound by emotions and what brings happiness and excitement to the eyes and mind is sure to cause a ripple. Novelty can be in the form of fashion, food, trend or the like. ‘Novelty has charms that our minds can hardly withstand ‘said William Thackeray. It is the resultant of our desire to bring in some change and get away from the monotonous old cycle. Novelty will be welcomed and it depends upon the value or the merit of the matter whether it would stay on for long or not. ‘Novelty is the great parent of pleasure “said Robert South because even hardcore oldies will like to give a try to novelty as it is an outcome of pleasure. Read these quotes on novelty and share it with your friends who love novelty.


Blaise Pascal

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