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Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the exodus i.e., the freedom of Hebrew slaves from Egypt under the leadership of the Moses. It is the festival of unleavened bread i.e. flat brittle piece of bread that is eaten during the Passover days rather than the normal bread. The name, "Passover" is derived from the night of the Tenth Plague, when the Angel of Death saw the blood of the Passover lamb on the door-posts of the houses of Israelites and skipped over them, not willing to kill their firstborn. The next day the Pharaoh allowed the Israelites to finally leave Egypt. Passover is celebrated in early spring from 15th to 22nd in the Hebrew month of Nissan. Passover is an eight day festival. Together with Sukkot and Shavuot, Passover is one of the three pilgrim festivals during which the entire Jewish population pays a visit to Jerusalem. By following the rituals that are observed on Passover, one is able to experience the true freedom that our ancestors gained.

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