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Pentecost is a Christian festival celebrated on the fiftieth Sunday after Easter. This day is celebrated to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ. The descent was followed by miraculous effect i.e. The ability to intelligently understand the Gospel facts in languages that were not known then. The feast is called "White Sunday" or Whit Sun where the following Monday is observed as a public holiday. According to Jewish calendar, the date of Pentecost is fifty days from Passover. While in Christian tradition, Pentecost is a part of the movable cycle of the ecclesiastical year. Pentecost is celebrated differently across the globe as per the traditions and customs of each country. For example, in France people blow trumpets to produce the sound of the wind that was blowing when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostle. Other customs such as Morris Dancing and Cheese Rolling are also associated with Pentecost.

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