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You are judged only on the basis of your performance and not on the visions or ideas that you hold. “Everything depends upon execution, having just a vision is no solution “said Stephen Sondheim. It needs a lot of practice to perform well and only performance is realtiy and all other things are unreal. Practice as if you are the worst; perform as if you are the best. There may be a few hiccups while doing the actual performance. The designs and modules may prove to be difficult in the first sight but while practicing thoroughly, the performance will be easy. It would only be appropriate to quote the saying of the SEAL team that killed Osama bin laden,” performance and performance alone dictates the predator in any food chain “. So, those who are appreciated for their actions are done so, only for their performance and not for their ideas or the support or for the steps they have taken towards it.


Alan Turing

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