Persuasion Quotes & Sayings

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Persuasion is influencing others to believe what you do and what you say. There are various tools that are used for persuasion some use their talking skills, some may use their body language but the most influential is the way you conduct your self. Aristotle the great philosopher said, “Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion”. In a lighter vein, we see almost everyday numerous advertisement that attempt at persuasion which is one of the business tactics. Only those who are vulnerable to others views and are open minded can be persuaded. If there is a rigid and stubborn view, persuasion will not be successful. So, persuasion will be successful only for those who are ready to be persuaded and not for others. If reason is applied, we see that persuasion is thrust upon us and we refuse to be subjugated. Here are quotes on persuasion read them and come to a conclusion.


Anthony Robbins

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