Politeness Quotes & Sayings

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Politeness is one of the characters which is becoming very rare today and needs much attention. Politeness should be taught in the young minds of children. Please and thank you are the two basic words that should frequently be used in our conversation. Hurting others verbally, emotionally and physically will give no gain and must be completely avoided. “One of the greatest visitors you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness “said Josh billings. Even if you have not made any mistake and if you express you stand politely, when someone accuses you, you not only make your point clear but also win the hearts and appreciation of your opponent. “Politeness wins the confidence of princes “says a Chinese proverb. Politeness is not a sign of weakness. You can be as determined and as strong as steel in your words and thoughts and simultaneously, politely express them. It is only the choice of words that matter. Read these quotes on politeness and develop this habit.


Aissam Ait El Qadi

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