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Possessions are generally referred to the material possessions like wealth, assets, and properties and so on. We are in constant pursuit of material possessions right from the day we started earning till our end of life but one day, it dawns on us that we came into this world carrying nothing and we do not carry anything while we leave this world. If this truth dawns on us earlier, there won’t be a tireless chase after money. An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit. We tend to lose interest once we gain these possessions. So, possession should be limited only to the extent of what we need to survive and anything in excess should be donated to the needy. “To have little is to possess, to have plenty is to be perplexed “said Lao Tzu. Upon every possession, newer worries get added and finally we end up with worries and nothing else. So, be calculative and earn possessions that are only required. Read these quotes on possessions given by great thinkers as they are useful for our daily life.


Thorstein Veblen

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