Presidents Day Quotes & Sayings

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In USA, every third Monday of February is celebrated as President's Day. President's day is celebrated on the same day as Washington's Day. Both Washington and Lincoln were born in February. President's Day is a US Federal Holiday. These days, it is recognized as a holiday when many stores, especially car dealers hold sales and offer discounts. Earlier, corporate practices were closed on President's Day. But now, colleges and universities have their classes and operations, public transit systems remain open and majority of the businesses remain open on President's Day. President's Day as well as Presidents Day is used to denote the name of the holiday. Both the variations can be used as per as manual and dictionaries. The President's Day or Washington's Day is celebrated in the honor of George Washington, who is known as "Father of the Nation". Washington is celebrated for the pivotal leadership role that he played in the foundation of USA.



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