Rap Music Quotes & Sayings

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Rap songs are characteristic of the rhythm that attracts the listeners. Though meaning takes a back seat in the rap music, the sheer rhythmic beat is capable of attracting even kids to listen to rap music and make their feet dance to its tune. Kanye west is one such rap music signer who is a favorite among young and old alike. A quote by kanye says, “ I m trying to right my wrongs; but its funny the same wrongs help me write this song “ rap songs have an almost philosophical attitude towards life. “Nothing in life is promised except death “is also another quote by Kanye. Though rap music is relatively new and is only approximately two decades old, it ahs taken the youth by storm and there are millions of fans who turn out for rap music shows. Here is a collection of quotes on rap and they are fit to share with your friends through email or e cards.



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