Rationality Quotes & Sayings

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Rationality is the quality of being rational or agreeable in reason. While taking a decision, one ought to be rational. Rationality will help you to arrive at a decision by analyzing all its pros and cons. An action or a thought is deemed as rational if we act upon it. Rationality helps in not only figuring out a reasonable solution but also an optimal one which will help you to achieve your goals and objectives. Rational people arrive at their decisions after much thought or deliberation and don't take a decision in haste. Rationality is the quality of exceptional thinkers who are blessed with the ability to arrive at rational decisions. Rationality is an ability which we need to develop and inculcate within ourselves to become excellent decision makers. Rational decisions can only stand the test of time and materialize into something fruitful in the long run. To make a decision rationally, weigh all its pros and cons in mind and then arrive at a decision.



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