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Remedies are the solutions used to solve any particular problem. Remedies are needed to deal with any problem and issue and tackle it effectively so that it can be nipped in the bud. To stay happy, laughter is the best medicine. Staying happy is one remedy to kill sadness. Cheerfulness, when used as remedies to cure low spirits act as effectively as hot water on a frozen limb. Remedies are possible to deal with any sort of problem. The universal remedy or panacea to our ills is a positive attitude. To fight any disease, several medicines or drugs are available in the market, serving as possible remedies. Plant diseases, drought, desolation, despair were recurrent catastrophes during the ages - and the ancient remedies: supplications to supernatural spirits or gods. In the words of Kin Hubbard, “Of all the home remedies, a good wife is the best.”



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