Resignation Quotes & Sayings

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The act of vacating a position of office is termed as resignation. It is actually a personal decision to quit office, though outside pressures and influences might also trigger a resignation. In games and sports, resigning is akin to yielding or surrendering. Whenever the opponent gives up, he is said to resign or give a resignation. Resignation, in game of chess, can be displayed by gestures such as extending one’s hand to acknowledge the other player’s performance or stopping the chess clock. Resignation is the time when many public figures and celebrities deliver a farewell speech narrating the events and circumstances which were responsible for their exit from office. Employees in a company, apply for resignation by submitting resignation letters. In the words of Michael Jeffery, “Collectively, we must do more than simply watch, with resignation and a feeling of powerlessness, reports on the evening news about the latest terrorist atrocity.”



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